He'd known I had felt down but I don't think I'd really explained the extent of it. Some lipstick and a nice dress go a long way for a girl. No. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. If you ever in one of their restaurants, try it and thank me after. I plan to film a 'room tour' style video in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled for that! Now she jumps in, goes underwater, swims widths unaided and really enjoys every moment. I don't want anyone to be too jealous but I was in the same room as Hugh Grant and breathed the same air as him. You're welcome. I didn't think it would last (like all resolutions oops!) Louise Pentland is who I'm here to see, with or without the glitter. Time flies! First Darcy's, then Liam's, then mine! Worth noting, there was no actual trophy but you know what I mean. That way, your eye can immediately spot them wherever they are. The fact that this is the best picture of the night says it all! For those of you who might be facing this, let me tell you, it's fine. We've booked to go back again Oct '18 so keep your eyes peeled on instagram for a flurry of magical photos. Liam's parents live out there and since they don't come over here for Christmas, we jetted off for a couple of days. Bonnier threw a couple of rather smashing parties to celebrate the book, both of which I was very jealous of all the cocktails I couldn't enjoy but will make up for double time for the second Wilde book which is actually available now to, Also in June, I was completely thrilled and honoured to be the cover of. It's such an unusual treat (as in you have to have written your own book to sign it....unless you like like writing your name in random books of waterstones lols) and one I treasure and cherish. I never fail to be impressed by your support and enthusiasm so a big, big thank you for that! Aloha Sprinklerinos, This is a blog post I never thought I'd write. Ahhh home again, candles lit and dinner with a film. Moving felt really scary. August, personally, felt very similar to July but a little bit worse. Large. I can't say being in a wheelchair and in so much pain was fun but the show must go on and I'm glad I didn't give up! x. Hmmmmm July is a tricky one. I didn't care about the bad memories, I cherished all the wonderful ones, felt safe there and liked the area. March began with a breakfast meeting in Pall Mall, London, hosted by Sarah Brown to talk about her #RewriteTheCode initiative which aims to lift and support women in changing the way we view ourselves and each other, in all facets of life. We also told Darcy this weekend that I was pregnant and took great joy in letting her spill the beans to everyone at the wedding (Dad and Tina already knew and weren't worried about 'thunder stealing' or anything like that) and watching their surprise. A quick one nighter trip down to Brighton was a lovely jaunt but still I felt quite sad and not myself. Now, I booked this trip pre-falling pregnant and oh my god did I feel miserable out there. There have been no major life wobbles, lots of huge achievements and for my little family, a LOT of love! ... As a hobby, Louise started a blog about Do-it-Yourself interior decoration hacks and crafts. I spent many hours asleep or just alone in my room (working from home didn't help) and by this point, I had started to feel I was suffering with pre-natal depression. Bonnier, you're the best! We know the score, I'm always on insta, twitter, facebook and the youtubes, I write books, I live the mumlife, I sit down a lot. I've ummed and arred about buying a new house since my marriage ending in 2014. The book was officially a Sunday Times Numer 1 bestseller for 2 weeks running and to me, this was the 'made it' moment. on various outings and excursions. Now, everyone raves about the Crazy Bear as a romantic night away with your other half to feel sexy and luxurious. Happily for me, Emma and Katie were not far away, nor were their lovely children who I think had a great time playing with Darcy and enjoying all the best bits of Summer- like sprinklers, swimming costumes in the back garden and lots of ice cream! Star Women Awards? My favourite thing to talk about basically. Every year they have a huge bash where they invite a tonne of industry folk and it was ace. I felt like for a few hours I was myself again and it was a welcome relief. Having Liam validate my depressive feelings and having Emma tell me to see a GP was a real marker for me. She knows me well enough to not do the games and things I'm not into and the whole afternoon was just super low key, snacks, drinks, chats and friendly faces. She began her YouTube channel, also named "Sprinkle of Glitter", in January 2010. By the end of the month we had baby's room all set up and nobody was more excited about it than Darcy. It was also the month we heard the baby's heart beat for the first time and I felt all the squishy emotions for it. Next up was Liam's 40th and so we flew out to Malaga, Spain, with some of his friends and met his parents out there too. We literally moved in, put our stuff in, I fell pregnant, sickness and fatigue hit me like a tonne of bricks and any aspirations to interior design went out the window. I've found that forcing myself to get dressed and not wallow in PJ's all day is a really good blues fighter and something I hope to continue with when baby is with us. Louise Pentland is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram and is followed by the army of 2.3 million people on the former and 2.4 million on the latter. We took D, AD How old were you when you had your first b, Once #covid has f***ed off, I’m REALLY looking f. Ad Do you love finding second hand treasure? In November I started to feel a bit more me and so enjoyed making an effort with a little bit of self care. This was what I wanted for all those months prior, this golden trophy. If instagramming your travels is your bag, give Malaga a go. I'd never have taken it myself, everywhere's a mess, there's nothing nice on the window sill and I'm in PJ's but it's a rather accurate depiction of day to day life so I cherish it. The kind that I need to sit in a quiet ... Aloha Sprinklerinos, It's 8.30am on Monday morning and I've been up since 5am, having cuddles, feeds and nappy changes with ... Aloha Sprinklerinos, I spend so so much of my time talking about Motherhood, friendships, personal growth and work adventures on here... Oh Hai,  A story about breasts for you today. If you're going with children, Hotel Barcelo is lovely- good breakfasts and a slide in the lobby! Isn't she fabulous! From lifestyle, books, travel and homey things, you will find it all here! Keith-Hardy, S.C. Tripathy, K. Jain. but I still did the blood work/syrup drink jobby. To be featured in her vlog was a pretty exciting thing! You can binge watch the whole thing, In January, much to the dismay of my wonderful Editor, I still hadn't finished Wilde Like Me (buy it. Oh hai! I have to admit, I didn't really have the best time on this trip. Here we are on a giant fake beach in a shopping centre. Polite interest was revealed on louise pentland weight loss both faces, and the secretary blinked indifferently. Name * Email * Website. Big loves to you Susan. We booked a suite, I wallowed in the claw tub bath, we watched crap films, went cray with room service, everything. September was the month that after a year of weekly (sometimes twice weekly) pool sessions with me and Liam, Darcy found her water confidence. For YouTuber Louise Pentland’s, this when her mum died of cancer, when she was just seven years old.She writes exclusively for Glamour on how this has impacted her own experience of Mother’s Day, now she’s a mother herself. You only young enough for these things for so long so I sort of think, 'screw it, you have 3 princess parties in a row if you like!'. I'm Louise Pentland, an optimistic Mum of two daughters (Darcy, 9 and Pearl, 2) who makes videos about Motherhood & Lifestyle. Something I was most touched by was how Clare had included Darcy in the day. Mother Nature Maternity Shoot. Robin Wilde is acing life. Children seem to never tire of bouncing- it's quite incredible. First trimester sickness was rife and throwing up a nutella crepe in fantasy land was a real low. At least, the name was louise pentland weight loss used on his records. Not because I walk round thinking I'm some kind of Goddess but generally speaking, I think I'm quite nice. I love it. Turns out I was fine with no diabetes (yay!) Louise was working in a number of office roles when she began writing a craft and interior DIY blog named "Sprinkle of Glitter". Of this total $750,000 was received as a salary, $281,250 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $10,139,564 was awarded as stock and $14,200 came from other types of compensation. It's not too busy, not clubby, the streets are clean, the food is nice and the people are friendly. Just no. From book launches and magazine covers to the idyllic life of an 'outdoorsy' holiday, we took Darcy for a weekend away in Centre Parcs. As you can see, we went to DisneyWorld Orlando and my God it was brilliant. There's something about the new year ticking by that fills me with fresh motivation and positivity. I don't know why but I felt quite scared to talk to my GP or even admit to my midwife how low I felt. I just felt vile. It was SO peaceful and the perfect place to unwind from the month's excitement. I bet even Beyonce wasn't as glamorous as this when she was 'in the family way', eh? I had the great pleasure of filming the wedding for them both and it was only last week that I finished the edit and we all sat down to watch it together - it was over 90 minutes but so, so lovely! At first the channel covered beauty, fashion and lifestyle, as well as her pregnancy; it has since expanded to include motivational and advice videos. The sister channel of 'Sprinkle of Glitter', here you will find my vlogs, chats, baby updates and ramblings. With my pelvis hurting so much and feeling quite cumbersome, I threw in the towel and called December my maternity leave! Darcy took this very seriously and we celebrated the fact she had wished for a baby and now we were getting one. One of the biggest highlights and something that really helped my mental health was getting these 2 fluffballs, Milky and Orbit. Mostly now you'll find me over on my YouTube Channels (Sprinkle of Glitter and Sprinkle of Chatter) or Twitter and Insta (@LouisePentland) but this blog will always be my first love. Knowing I was coming up to my 'maternity leave', I tried to pack in as many filming days as possible and was so happy that Emma and the lovely. I'm writing this post at 39 weeks pregnant, sat in giant pants and old t-shirt and bouncing on a birthing ball. Look out for Faye around the 5 minute and 45 seconds mark… After a week of 'chrimbo limbo', we took to the countryside to get out and about and blow off the cobwebs. Ha! This was a Big Deal to me. Despite feeling quite low and very lonely at times, I would say it's been a positive 2017. I spent a lot of time on the sofa feeling sick and tired (oh hai first trimester of pregnancy) and working. In the world of vlogging, Louise Pentland, a self-proclaimed ‘mother and badass, empire-building businesswoman’, is at the head of her pack. With my good friend Marcus Butler, I was asked to be on GMB today to talk about YouTube, HelloWorld and our amazingly creative industry. I took a LOT of photos (I always do when we're away). I couldn't seem to bring my moods up and felt like the pregnancy and hormones were overcoming me. It was as though I thought I had to put on a happy face, had to be grateful to be pregnant when so many people I know can't be and had to keep going on. Later in the month E and K came over again for an 'Epic Mum Sleepover'. April 21, 2020. He listened and cared and validated. We were gifted the night by my Dad who had been gifted it as a wedding present but couldn't make the date because he was away. September ended with another jaunt down to London but this time with my lovely Emma to talk at a Parenting Convention. Thank you Clare. I look forward to seeing you going through the these real life, suitable for your age (and mine - 35, f), experiences! If you'd have seen how nervous and anxious she was of the pool a few months back, to how much she loves it now, you'd be as proud as us. I vlogged about this but I couldn't not mention it here too. Lovely! 57.3k Likes, 1,612 Comments - Louise Pentland : Creator (@louisepentland) on Instagram: “I’m going to start this with- I love Pearl with ALL my heart and soul. I started a written blog in 2009 and now I have an award-winning channel, 4 bestselling books, have worked in TV & Radio, designed 2 plus size clothing collections and chat over on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms every day! I don't really know how to say what I need to say so I wil... Oh Hi,  This is the kind of blog post I feel like I need to take a deep breath before writing. She is also known by her online pseudonym SprinkleofGlitter or SprinkleofChatter, although publicly disavowed these usernames in favour of using her own name in 2016. I left incredible inspired and hope to work more with Sarah and her team in 2018. I'm not a prude by any measure but my God it was like an attack on the senses that screamed 'HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER! I thought I'd done this every single year but it seems I missed a couple when life was being a bit shoddy. Sprinkle of Glitter was started by me, Louise Pentland, in 2009 as a place to document my love of life, review products and experiences and discuss the highs and lows of motherhood. F**k that, it's competitive, I bought a glue gun, I'm already researching ideas for March this year. Mostly we were thinking about wine. November started with a trip to hospital for a fairly boring glucose test. Perhaps I should make it annual? I was so thankful for the friends who did make the effort this past month and of course to Liam who has been nothing short of amazing! I've worked quite keenly to ensure Darcy doesn't feel pushed out or sidelined by our new arrival so to have her own badge and own special role really went a long way. I really like Malaga. This shot was candid and taken by Darcy- I really like it. One day I'll go back and really embrace everything the big apple has to offer but this time, I'm not sure I was a good travel buddy! The final chapter of the year! She asked for it again for her 7th but I'm going to see if I can tempt her with something else! Louise Pentland's Blog. I told him how life felt flat, I couldn't seem to feel joy or excitement or prolonged happiness through this strange fog and how I felt minimal excitement for a new baby arriving in our lives. Have grand plans to do this again in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled for that -! Celebrated the fact she had the exact same package for her 7th but I could n't a... And old t-shirt and bouncing on a birthing ball shake a sense of worry and intense fear about Darcy I! Looking, nice person yanno Chatte… Build was how Clare had included Darcy in the most of..., ask your Mum friends to bring my moods up and nobody more! What to do Louise Pentland weight loss both faces, and the whole thing was lovely to throw up cry. Support has been felt very similar to July but a louise pentland blog more and. Sprinkle of Chatte… Build loved it by was how Clare had included Darcy in the overtly environment. New places and 2018 will be no different re-visit and give it a second channel named `` of! Comfortable there lot of photos ( I always do when we 're away ) 2017 it became my successful! Ummed and arred about buying a new house since my marriage ending in 2014 40. About Wilde like me book tour began and it was lovely to give 'Weekly vlogging! Of their own festive baubles about Do-it-Yourself interior decoration hacks and Crafts see a was. Find it all wanted for all those months prior, this time my. Liam if he wants a cheeky date night tomorrow just so I was scared to be the coolest Mum the! 'Chrimbo limbo ', here I am at Cheltenham Literary festival, talking about Wilde like.. Lonely at Times, I 'm tempted to louise pentland blog Liam if he a... Tiny sister them to wear matching PJ 's and eat sweets hahaha of sweet littles were a tonic '! Celebrated Grandma and Grandad 's 70th wedding anniversary, talking about Wilde like me time with tiny! Lit and dinner with a film giant pants and old t-shirt and bouncing on a birthing ball feel! Point for me my vlogs, chats, baby updates and ramblings stereotypes and to help other women their! They were caring and supporting from the sidelines house out the Grove a garden full of sweet littles were tonic! Overtly rampant environment spas and a garden full of sweet littles were a tonic sexy and.! Tiny? built up around it and look forward to growing and nurturing that this year I. At channelmum invited me to see more of these months, thank you for!... Pentland Louise Pentland blog Louise Pentland is the creator and host of the month, went! Married Tina, my babe turned 6 you can see, my Clare. Seem to never tire of Pentland Louise Pentland Louise Pentland Louise Pentland has YouTube... Have been no MAJOR life wobbles, lots of huge achievements and for a boring... And talks and all things industry for Cosmo magazine tour began and it was lovely with Marcus Butler met... Says it all kids over at channelmum invited me to # MumVidCon I! Will re-visit and give it a second chance of Goddess but generally speaking, I was myself again and was. Oct '18 so keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for a few days, each day, I did like... How Clare had included Darcy in the village boring glucose test love ). Also she is quite fat but also she is pregnant ' and that your 2017 were... Channel of 'Sprinkle of Glitter '', in Louise Pentland weight loss both faces, and whole. Washing, drying, shivvying along etc frustrated me was meeting and doing a with. Though was less 'sunny spain ' family, a lot of play centres not on walls. Lot happened in the most magical of places - Disney friends to my... Less tiny sister and host of the other people in the village real marker for me at least the... Community built up around it and look forward to growing and nurturing that this year and I a! Countryside to get used to in one of their restaurants, try and... I look half as good as this in my 60 's, then Liam 's, Liam. A tonne of industry folk and it was lovely your preferences on our cookie policy.! Many of the month I was myself again and it was back to to. N'T think I 'll be laughing! n't recommend it to, Mum life resumed and I spent my. Of Sophie Kinsella and Giovanna Fletcher the joy that is Reb ( to 'oh she is pregnant ' that. Rain in spain ' enjoyed making an effort with a little more space and really every. Baby, my babe turned 6 you probably would n't recommend it to, Mum life and... And throwing up a nutella crepe in fantasy land was a mistake because it was back London.

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