Here is the list of top Chinese smartphone companies in India with best brand of mobiles, The name also include Alcatel, Qiku, Gfive Mobile Phones, ZTE Mobile and Haier Corporation, also into the business of consumer electronics like washing machines, refrigerators, Air Conditioner and televisions. From a Chinese language point of view it must sound good, look good and feel good for a Chinese audience. Seagull Watches – What Makes Them So Successful? This is a list of current and defunct automobile manufacturers and brand names of China. Haier is a Chinese multinational brand based in Qingdao, Shandong province. It’s a prophylactic measure akin to registering multiple domain names – annoying, but better than the alternative path of brand dilution or litigation. You can’t walk through Beijing or Shanghai without finding a counterfeit Rolex watch selling for $5 or a knockoff Nike shirt for $2. After years of development, Ochirly has successfully established a reputation for its elegant and feminine dresses and everyday wear. You can find all the great domain names from the list given below. new mid-sized quads are going for over 10000$ MSRP and those are for the most basic quads. normal folks are going to have a bit of trouble paying that amount, even if it’s financed. Best Chinese Watch Brands. If you say the characters really fast, it sounds similar to "Colgate" as well. Colgate's Chinese brand name is "高露洁 (gāo lù jié)," which roughly means "high reveal clean." As you may have gathered from our recap of Chinese watchmaking history, the Tianjin watch factory has been right there since the beginning. Chinese smartphone is a popular device that is famous for its big beautiful screens. Phonetically Adapted Brand Names Sticking to a phonetic translation makes it obvious that the brand … Obviously, Ochirly is a Chinese clothing brand that mainly focuses on offering Chinese consumers European style fashion. The Chinese brand name must reflect what the client wants. Its name in Chinese means “the charm of European fashion”. Everyone should know that China is very notorious for its lack of creativity. Chinese Brand Names. And when you come up with a Chinese-language name, think about also registering other Chinese-language names with characters that have similar sounds and/or meanings. Haier 海尔. What’s more, some characters can have the same pronunciation but a drastically different meaning. Finally it must reflect the brand itself, including highlighting the brands distinct values. Current manufacturers. The name must be memorable. Take a look at the list and you will probably recognize some of them. They are not only famous with Chiese but with world consumers. Through this article, let us discuss the top Chinese phone brands. Chinese smartphones companies dominate the smartphone and tablet market.The Chinese online shopping festival provides various offers to the customers and it has valuable insights as the brand and the model that is most liked by the customers.. Sometimes these Chinese fakes are unbelievably good. Next, with many exciting horological propositions, we dive into the best Chinese watch brands around! in the past few years, brand name ATVs like Polaris and Honda have become way too expensive and people agree with that. 1. The Chinese language is character based, and because each character has its own meaning, every brand name can be interpreted as the sum of its parts. We’ve excerpted the top 10 well-known brand names in China. While choosing an Asian or Japanese business name for your Chinese Restaurant or Japanese translation office, one thing you need to make sure is to go for a name that is easy to pronounce and simple to remember. Everybody knows that China loves to create fake name-brand products.