Capacity for case management utilizing counseling techniques, program structure, guidelines and crisis intervention and to use metrics to ensure accountability. Find 7 listings related to Tides Family Services in Providence on, .hmg-jb-btn-primary.focus, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:active, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:focus, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:hover,, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary.focus, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:active, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:focus, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:hover { .hmg-jb-alert-info .hmg-jb-alert-link, .hmg-jb-alert-success .hmg-jb-alert-link { .hmg-jb a:hover, .hmg-jb a:focus { #jb-user-account-nav>>a { background-color: #0866b2; data-indeed-apply-jobUrl="" } View additional information and apply online today to become a Outreach and Tracking Caseworker - Tides Family Services in West Warwick, RI. About Us; The agency offers outreach, tracking, home visit, education and court advocacy services. } munty outreach program begins with measuring the prod-ucts of that program. } IUPAT DC 11 volunteers painted the 20,000 square foot building to, […] Pledge 1% demonstrates the depth and breadth of Tides’ commitment to corporate philanthropy. Highly self-motivated, accountable and able to make decisions independently. Customer Secure Login Page. Build and sustain collaborations with community partners, including health, education, vocation, legal and family intervention providers with the goal of increasing access to services. .hmg-jb-bg-primary { Mission: The mission of tides family services, inc. , a lasallian ministry, is to provide high risk youths with comprehensive and preventive services that foster personal growth and stability and better connect them with their families and communities.. Programs The task force notes that digital outreach will remain increasingly important and that the task force can play a significant role in identification and outreach to communities beyond those who regularly “tune in” to the city’s existing social, web, mailing list. Tides Family Services provides a vast array of programs devoted to maintaining high-risk youth in the community by supporting and strengthening families and helping youth remain in school. } importance. The HCH program funds initiatives that serve a broad range of homeless individuals (especially those unable to secure medical care by other means). How these services should be provided by drawing upon existing recommendations and filling gaps where needed. Fax: 401-823-4694 Our Charity. Tides provides community-based services for wayward and adjudicated youth, ages 9 … It serves the communities of { He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Justice from Salve Regina. .hmg-jb-btn-primary, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary,, .hmg-jb-btn-primary.focus, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:active, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:focus, .hmg-jb-btn-primary:hover,, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary.focus, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:active, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:focus, a.hmg-jb-btn-primary:hover { document.write("